Train Your Brain With These Popular Apps In 2020

Healthy brains provide a good physical and mental condition. It is therefore important to train and stimulate them well. Fortunately, there are various applications that can help a little bit and are also very nice. Ten handy apps to train your brain.’s Overview: LumUltra, whatever you want to call it – this nootropic has been around for years…


Train your brain with apps

1. Ruzzle

A fun and fast board game where you can challenge your friends or play against a random opponent. To win, you must find as many words as possible in two minutes. Ruzzle can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play .

2. Mindfeud

A free board game where you have to put tiles with different colors and symbols in the right place to collect points and beat your opponent. Download Mindfeud for free from the App Store and Google Play .

3. Andoku Sudoku 2

A puzzle game that offers no less than ten thousand puzzles. There are six sudoku variants and eight difficulty levels. Andoku Sudoku 2 can be downloaded for € 1.99 via Google Play .

4. Wordfeud

In this popular game, you place words on the game board in a strategic and creative manner in order to gain points. You have 48 hours for every new word. You can invite friends to play against, but also unknown players. Wordfeud is free via the App Store .

5. Brain Tuner Lite

Keep your brain in top condition with Brain Tuner Lite. A mathematical game suitable for all ages. One minute a day and you will soon get sharper. Free download from the App Store .

6. Brain Toot

This app contains sixteen games for training your brain. We test for memory, mathematics and thinking skills. For € 0.99, Brain Toot can be downloaded from the App Store .

7. Unblock Me

A challenging slide puzzle, where you have to slide blocks of different sizes to get the red block to the exit. The app contains ten thousand puzzles. Unblock me can be downloaded for free from Google Play or for € 0.89 via the App Store .

8. Brain Age Analyzer

A simple app that calculates your brain age. During the game, a group of numbers appears to be remembered. When the numbers disappear you type each number in the correct order, so you train your short-term memory. The Brain Age Analyzer can be downloaded for free via Google Play .

9. Slice It

With this app you have to cut different objects and figures into equal pieces. The further you get into the game, the higher the difficulty level. Slice It is free to download via Google Play or for € 0.89 in the App Store .

In The Heist it is up to you to crack the safe. There are four different types of puzzles, of which you have to solve a total of sixty. Can you meet the challenge? Download The Heist for € 0.89 via the App Store .

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