Baby a Cold? The do’s & don’ts

Because their immune system is not yet perfect, small children often have a cold of six to ten times a year. Of course it is not nice, neither for baby nor for mommy. We put the do’s and don’ts of a cold at your baby in a row.


1. Give your baby extra drink
Give your baby extra drink during his cold. Because of its watery eyes and runny nose, your baby loses more fluid than normal. By drinking a lot, you keep his moisture level high and you also loose the mucus.

2. Give your baby more air
Does your baby suffer from a stuffy nose? Give your baby more air with nasal drops with a physiological saline solution. This saline dilutes the mucus in the nose, so your baby can breathe better. With a nasal pump you can open the nose of your baby.

3. Let your baby sleep at
an angle Place a pillow under the head of your baby’s headboard so that your baby sleeps in an oblique position. Because of this the mucus in the nose does not hope and the baby can hopefully breathe more freely.

4. Put on your baby cotton clothes
Choose for cotton clothes. Cotton is not only tasty, but is also nice for your baby when he has got a fever from the cold. Cotton ensures that your baby does not get too hot.

5. Provide humid air
Inhalation of steam and vapor can help to dissolve mucus and reduce the stuffiness on your baby’s chest. Put your baby in the bathroom next to a steamy shower and make the living room and bedroom more humid by hanging water bowls on the heater.


1. Increasing the room temperature
You fear that your baby is too cold but do not increase the temperature in the house! Your baby’s bedroom has the right temperature when it is between 16 and 18 degrees. Even now your baby is sick.

2. Going into
the cold Do not enter the cold unnecessarily with your baby. If you do not feel well, you also prefer to stay warm inside. Do you really have to go outside with your baby? In any case, dress it well warm.

3. No menthol cream
Do not use menthol cream on your baby’s breast. Menthol cream is not suitable for young children. Would you like to use a rubbing agent to relieve the cold of your baby? Then buy one that is especially for babies and small children.

4. Continue with daily routine
Do not underestimate the cold of your baby. Of course you have your obligations, but your baby feels the best in you at that moment. Best to work a day at home or move that one appointment?

5. No smoking
Even though it sounds logical, we emphasize once again that you do not smoke in the presence of a baby. Keep your baby out of smoking areas. Certainly not when he has a cold.

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