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Biz Dev

February 22, 2006
PediaMed Successfully Completes Clinical Trial Enrollment to Study New Therapy In Children with Autism


Areas of interest include:

Your Partner in Targeted Therapeutic Categories

  • Pediatric Anti-infectives
  • Pediatric Allergy/Respiratory
  • Pediatric CNS (Central Nervous System)
  • Pediatric GI (Gastro-Intestinal)

Your Partner in Pediatric Commercialization

PediaMed has unique and extensive expertise in marketing prescription-branded pharmaceutical products in the pediatric marketplace with a strong track record of repeated successful market share growth.

Your Partner in Pediatric Clinical Development

PediaMed has proven pediatric-specific clinical and regulatory expertise. PediaMed is prepared to conduct clinical development on your product through regulatory approval and product launch. After that process, the alliance could move into a commercialization partnership, with PediaMed providing marketing expertise in the pediatric arena.

Drug Delivery Technologies

PediaMed has licensed and developed proprietary, drug-delivery technologies which are suitable to pediatric and adult pharmaceutical products. PediaMed is interested in developing pediatric and adult products in a coordinated manner.

Other Opportunities

PediaMed is a dynamic company focused on serving unmet needs in the pediatric market. We would be interested in exploring any medical/ pharmaceutical/ device concepts that serve the pediatric marketplace.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss potential collaborations further.