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February 22, 2006
PediaMed Successfully Completes Clinical Trial Enrollment to Study New Therapy In Children with Autism


Working for PediaMed

PediaMed – The Pediatrics Company™ is proud and honored to be recognized as the Best Place to Work in Kentucky in the medium sized employer category by Best Places to Work, a new initiative launched by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Kentucky Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

This recognition was awarded following an assessment conducted by the Best Companies Group and Modern Think of participating company’s employee policies and procedures and the results of an internal survey of employees. The Best Places to Work initiative was launched in July 29, 2004 and is dedicated to finding and recognizing Kentucky’s best employers.

The following are some of the responses we received:
  • 100% of our employees understand our mission and strategic goals
  • 91% feel they are regularly recognized for their contribution and understand how their job contributes to our company’s strategic goals
  • 78% understand the steps necessary to advance in their career and feel their supervisor communicates clear expectations
  • 91% give their supervisor honest feedback and feel their ideas will be fully considered
  • 86% trust their supervisor enough to follow them, even when they disagree with the decision
  • 95% feel there’s a sense that we’re all on the same team
  • 100% think senior leadership offers an inspiring vision for the company’s future and communicates openly and honestly about important matters
  • 100% believe our organization’s benefits show that senior leadership cares about them as a person
  • 81% think our orientation program prepares new employees to be effective
  • 100% believe our company’s policies and practices ensure fair treatment for all employees
  • 95% believe there is opportunity for them to advance in the company
  • 82% think our recognition and rewards program are meaningful to them
  • 95% believe we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes
  • 100% are proud to be a part of PediaMed and would recommend working here to family and friends
  • 100% feel that the company’s culture is special – something you don’t find just anywhere
  • 91% believe the work environment is fair for everyone
  • 86% feel people accept responsibility for their mistakes in their workgroup
  • 100% think people are given the responsibility and freedom to do their job
  • 81% believe issues of low performance are addressed in their workgroup
  • 86% feel that promotions in their workgroup are based on a person’s ability
  • 95% reported their workgroup constantly looks for ways to achieve better results
  • 100% think people in their workgroup take responsibility for achieving results
  • 95% feel they can count on people to cooperate across departments and enjoy the people they work with
  • 91% believe that people discuss and debate issues respectfully to get better results
  • 100% have fun at work