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February 22, 2006
PediaMed Successfully Completes Clinical Trial Enrollment to Study New Therapy In Children with Autism


Company History

PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ was started in December 1999 and first established commercial operations in Exton, Pennsylvania in March 2001. At that time PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ promoted KLOUT®, an over-the-counter head lice treatment to healthcare professionals through a direct sales force of 5 representatives. In January 2002, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ launched the VIRAVAN® range of products for allergy/cough/cold, having acquired the brand from Kiel Laboratories.

In July 2002, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ acquired the ACCUHIST® and ENDAL® brands and family of products, as well as representatives and managers from Propst Pharmaceuticals.

The company relocated to Florence, Kentucky (in the Greater Cincinnati area and near the N. Kentucky/Cincinnati International Airport) in the fall of 2002.

Through 2003 and in to 2004, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ successfully grew market share to significant levels with these brands, gaining distribution, reimbursement and broadening healthcare professional coverage, as well as growing support infrastructure. The focus was, and remains, on branded, prescription pharmaceuticals for the office-based pediatric healthcare providers and their patients. Continue Reading.

In the summer of 2004, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ signed a co-promotion deal with Allergan related to TAZORAC® , a topical, prescription brand for acne and psoriasis, with PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ promoting for acne in the pediatricians office. In addition, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ completed a transaction which involved the acquisition of the assets of Protein Therapeutics, a privately-held specialty development company. Through this transaction, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ acquired the rights to PED-A1, which is currently in a Phase II study for the treatment of GI dysfunction in autistic children. Full Story

In January/February 2005, PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ signed a second co-promotion with Allergan, this time for ZYMAR® , a 4th generation fluoroquinolone for ophthalmic use, typically used to treat bacterial conjunctivitis. PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ also signed a deal with Schering-Plough to co-promote CLARINEX® Syrup and Tablets to pediatricians. Full Story

PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company™ built an unparalleled reputation for having a sales force uniquely dedicated and focused on pediatrics. Despite the reputation, changing market dynamics around the co-promotion products lead PediaMed to consider an exceptional offer from Connetics to purchase the sales operations. PediaMed concluded the sales transition in January, 2006 and is now strategically focused on its near-term pipeline.