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Welcome to PediaMed

We are passionate in our commitment to improving the health and wellness of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. PediaMed - The Pediatrics Company is devoted to identifying, developing, and marketing branded pharmaceutical products within pediatrics. This site was created to assist pediatric care-givers, parents, and patients by providing information on a wide range of areas around pediatric health, wellness and medicine.

By now we have existed for almost 15 years and PediaMed still enjoy working with and for the children and I am proud that, despite all kinds of changes in healthcare in recent years, 16 children spread over 2 groups a day a specialist day care can offer in the age of 0 - 5 years. All children who can not attend regular care are more than welcome at Crescendo.

It is now a very mixed company of children with eg epilepsy, heart and / or lung problems, but also children with developmental delay, nutritional problems or a combination of previously mentioned disorders.

There are many websites for moms. PediaMed is there to make the life of contemporary moms more fun and especially easier. If you become mommy, your life is really not over. We tell you how to stay ambitious if you have a child, give tips on how to deal with your night owl, share useful beauty tips so that nobody can see how little you have slept and inspire you with fun fashion and deco -items that make you happy!

Basic principles of trimming: learn to love your beard and live with it

Masculine, rugged and authentic: it is not difficult to understand why the hipster beard is so hot when it comes to facial hair. He reminds us of rugged New England woodcutters and sophisticated Victorian gentlemen - consequently the stylish guys from Brooklyn to Berlin have renounced the baby face and are massively opting for full beards, mustaches and tight goatees. These forms and styles of yesteryear evoke a sort of sense of vintage masculinity that is both impressive, distinct and sophisticated. For More Details About Beard Growth Tips Visit - mybeardguy.com

Grow eyelashes back

id you rub your eyes too hard, or did you forget to remove your mascara before you went to sleep (it was a great night out ..)? Then it can happen that your eyelashes break off and suddenly look a lot shorter. Or even more annoying; a part breaks off so that you have a bite in your eyelashes. How can you grow your lashes back?